Professional network for your Slack team

Discover team mates with a Skill like a "Mobile Developer" or a Goal like "Looking for co-founder"

Use custom tags to share and discover important information with Posts

Customize Profile fields, Skills and Goals as it suits to your team

All in your Slack workspace

Add Communiti to Slack

Companies boost their teams with Communiti



Just type /communiti in Slack to launch the Communiti app.

No need for signups or passwords, it’s connected to your Slack profile.



Edit your profile with your bio, company info and your links.

Explore your friend's profiles.

Admins can add custom profile fields such as text fields, phone numbers or dropdown menus.



Search for team mates with a specific skill.

Explore your friend's skills.

Ask a quick question about web design or app development.

Add new skills to your profile so your friends can find you too.

Admins can add custom skills such as "Playing Guitar".



Search team mates with a specific goal.

Explore your team mates goals, connect with an investor, freelancer or your new co-founder.

Add goals to your profile so matching team mates can find you too.

Admins can add custom goals such as "Looking for a roommate".



Share new posts with tags, don't let important information get lost in the chat

Discover posts with a tag, no need to scroll all the way back

Follow recent posts in a timeline, much easier to read

Explore friend's posts, see what gems they've posted before

Create a knowledge base for your team so everyone can easily find the information they need



Post your remote job listings on Communiti

Connect with great co-working spaces and Slack communities all around the world

Your job listing will be active for a month and you can also boost your listing by additional features

Post a remote job
Disrupt Berlin


Annual Monthly
  • Great for Slack communities, coworking spaces, incubators

Default Skills

Default Goals

Default Profile Fields

30 Day Post History

Basic Support

Add to Slack
  • Per team and up to 10 users
  • $15 per month per 5 additional users
  • Great for remote teams

Custom Skills

Custom Goals

Custom Profile Fields

Unlimited Post History

Priority Support

Can disable job post

Add to Slack
  • Enhance your team with custom features
  • Contact us for details

Custom Skills

Custom Goals

Custom Profile Fields

Unlimited Post History

Dedicated Support

Can disable job post

Custom Features

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